Just a few random thoughts to demonstrate to myself that I’ve worked out what I’m doing.

Today I have –

Got up late (by my standards).  Waited for my daughter to get out of bed.  Been undecided as to whether to watch a rugby match or a cricket match.  Paid my poll tax.  Drawn money out from an ATM and realised how little money I have left before I get paid again.  Eventually drifted up to watch cricket at my local club/league side.  Seen a few old familiar faces, and spoken to a few of them.  Drunk a lemonade and eaten a packet of crisps.  Got cold and decided to go home.  Shopped at Sainsbury’s – noticing in the checkout queue how the woman in front was Taste the Difference/Be good to yourself, whereas I was mainly Basics.  Paused briefly on the way home to watch another cricket match on what isn’t technically the village green, but might as well be.  Set up this blog.

Also bought the usual harbinger of Spring – the Playfair Cricket Annual – sadly delayed this year because of the death of Bill Frindall, I think (the publication of the PCA, not the arrival of Spring). 

A couple of brief observations about The Way We Live Now in L’Angleterre Profonde.

A young lad (19-20?) pushing a very young baby (less than 2 weeks old?):  seemed very calm and confident. Fromt the back his belt  read “F*ucking” … (the rest of the sentence disappearing around the front of him).

Pausing to watch the cricket on the VG (see above) two youngish girls (14/15) weaving about apparently gigglingly drunk on a 99p litre  bottle of shandy.  The first sight (the cricket) would have been familiar to an Edwardian – the latter I suspect probably equally so.

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