Stephen Fry, Reggie Perrin and the mirrour of time

Quite moving article, I thought, in yesterday’s Guardian by Stephen Fry – Dearest Absurd Child – in which he imagines writing to his 16 year old self.

What would I say to my 16 year old self?  How about “Don’t get rid of your Led Zeppelin albums – in 2009 they’ll sound better to you than The Clash.  And – get this, punk – you will have developed a taste for the Incredible String Band!”.

To which I imagine my young self would have replied “Get back to  the future, you old hippy, I’m living in the present now (which is the past to you)”.

Tricky chap, time.  

Which reminds me, quite looking forward to tonight’s episode of Reggie Perrin.  When I heard about this remake I thought – along with every other previewer, reviewer and probably most who remember the original – that this was a Very Bad Idea.  However, sitting there, waiting to be dismayed, I found myself laughing spontaneously and involuntarily (a rarity).  Perhaps the laughter of recognition of some sort, or something or other?

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