Another Saturday night (with Alexis Petridis, the Poet Laureate and James Taylor)

For today, pretty much see the entry for last Saturday …

Got up, went to Aldi to buy provisions for daughter’s picnic, waited for daughter to get up, drifted up to local cricket club.  Higher standard of  play than last week as first XI fixture – ex-county player knocked off quick runs and took early wickets, plenty of chat from the slip cordon,  result still in doubt when I left for Sainsbury’s …  balmy weather all day and County Chief Exec. in attendance.  It was a good day (in the immortal words of, I believe, Ice Cube).

From today’s Guardian column by Alexis Petridis, re. dangers of wearing triple-denim –  “I looked like a member of the Market Harborough Over-40s Line Dancing Club”.  Feel that I should take this personally (not that I’m into line dancing).

Also from today’s Guardian, C.A. Duffy – new Laureate – writes “The poets I’ve known and worked with over 25 years or so … all share the certainty that poetry, the music of being human, matters deeply to a huge and growing number of people in this country”.  Interesting, if true, though I envy her her certainty.

On the other hand, good new from Lords – James Taylor (not that one) – one of Leicestershire’s bright young things, has registered his  first (I think) first class century and helped save the  match.  Season not over yet, as some have suggested elsewhere.


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