Slipknot, American dentistry and a passing chewing gum expectorator

On the way to the ground today   …

Cover of rock mag at station: “Slipknot – it’s brutal in this band – x years of destruction!” (or words to that effect).  Accompanied by picture of Slipknotter in full executioner-style face mask – only things visible eyes and a full set of  perfect, gleaming, capped white teeth.  Sniffing dead crows, onstage vomiting, all manner of transgressive, nihilistic beastliness all well and good – but Limey-style teeth?  Eeeeeooow!  No way!

(On the other hand, perhaps he was just worried about contracting swine flu?)

Matronly, loaf-haired woman in passenger seat  of car being driven down residential street winds down window and very deliberately spits out great lump  of chewing gum on to the road.  Struck me as an extraordinary thing for anyone over the age of 10 to do (and even under 10s could surely expect a good ticking off).


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