Oscar Wilde and the back of a fag packet

My latest pack of cigarette papers offers me – appropriately enough – a quote from Oscar Wilde – “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go”.  I had no idea this was one of Wilde’s – the last time I saw it – in slightly different form – was over the bar in a pub in Kettering on one of those little signs you can buy as a souvenir at the seaside that usually say “Please don’t ask for credit as a punch in the mouth often offends”.*  Not ascribed, I think, to Wilde on the pub sign, but “An old Irish saying” – though my memory about the detail of this is a little foggy.

Tried googling the quote to verify its authorship by typing in “some cause happiness wherever they go Wilde” and it asked me whether I really meant “some cause happiness whenever they go wild”.  Restrained myself from saying yes, though it might have brought up some interesting results.

* Not one of Wilde’s either, I think.

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