Has Morrissey got swine flu?

No, of course he hasn’t.  Don’t be silly.  On the other hand, you could see how a dozy hack, desperate to concoct a story,  could put two and two together :  Morrissey has unexpectedly cancelled his concert tonight at the Royal Albert Hall ;  swine flu is rampant (and newsworthy) ; Morrissey now spends his time (we think) hanging out in the barrios of LA ; it’s quite likely that some of his new companeros might have visited relatives in Mexico City – so …

Rule one of reading English newspapers : if a headline poses a question “is/has/was etc. … ?”, the answer is always no. 

Interesting programme about Sir Alan “Saviour of English Cricket” Stanford on at the moment – even bigger stinker, apparently, than anyone with any sense thought in the first place.  Aggers playing a blinder.


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