‘It doesn’t matter that there’s no one here. It doesn’t matter that they do not come. The villagers know the parson is praying for them in their church.’ –  John Betjeman, from A passion for churches.

Except that if no one comes the parson may well be praying for the villagers – but it won’t be in their church.  And so I come.

No good Christian would be impressed by this line of thinking.  Neither, even more certainly, would Richard Dawkins.

One thought on “Evensong

  1. Hear, hear. I feel so sorry for our excellent local vicar who, despite delivering cracking sermons of great relevance and spiritual and intellectual stimulus, has to drag himself out twice on Sunday to be greeted by a dozen people if he’s lucky.

    People have to make up their minds. They want the pretty church with the Miss Marple vicar, the country pub, the village hall, cricket on the village green, the village shop etc because it increases property prices. They don’t however, feel any need to actually support or engage with these things which for generations have been the cement which bind communities together.

    And another thing…. (pause to wipe dribble away with a freshly pressed handkerchief)

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