Pete Doherty – the Books of Albion

No.1 in a series : Books I’ve taken out from the Library and flicked through, but probably won’t get around to reading properly before I have to return them

First impressions – what on earth makes this young shaver think that anyone is going to be interested in reading these diaries – full of his inconsequential daily doings, couched in incongruously formal diction?  Who on earth is going to  care about his morbid preoccupation with a bittersweet vision of Olde England, or Albion, or Arcadia or Arden, or whatever it is?

‘You! hypocrite lecteur!—mon semblable,—mon frère!’

Coming soon (d.v.)  something about the book I’ve actually read when I could have been reading Mr. Doherty’s Diary – Selected Poems of Sir Henry Newbolt!


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