The X Factor (geddit?)

Election fever reaches its climax this evening, as I cast my votes for the European and County Council elections.  For the record (having faithfully followed the instructions to make sure that no-one can possibly see how I’ve voted in the voting booth) I voted Liberal Democrat in the local election and Labour in the European.  There is some tortuous logic behind these choices,  to do with the fact that I can’t see any party that actually reflects my views but can, on the other hand,  see various parties that I actively dislike.

National mood seems to be a mixture of hysteria and apathy.  I’m sure that, not so long ago, any election would have involved representatives of the various parties knocking on doors or stopping people in the street and canvassing, and a lot of windows would have sported mini-posters advocating one party or the other.  This time voter apathy seems to be matched by candidate apathy.  No canvassing (though a fair few leaflets through the door, mostly from the Lib Dems) and the only window displays I’ve seen are for the English Democrats – an enigmatic grouping who seem to stand for a separate English Parliament : what they’d do with it if they had one I’m not  sure.    

And what about Magna Carta – did she die in vain? etc. 


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