Today’s bad news : it’s not good

Today’s bad news (a small selection) –

 Sir (sic) Alan Sugar has been offered a post as “Enterprise Tsar”.  Tsars – forgive me if I’m wrong – were known for being corrupt, tyrannical, ineffectual and were  eventually swept away by a huge wave of popular discontent, so well …  not good.  His main talents appear to be going around with a face like a smacked arse and shouting at people (cf also G. Ramsey, G. McKeith, Trinny and the other one and so many more).  And in the House of Lords too (so Lord Sugar?).  Not good.

(I’m aware this isn’t very articulate, but it’s late, I’m tired and emotional and, basically, word fail me.)

It’s raining.  Not so bad in itself, but I’ve been looking forward to going to the proper  cricket tomorrow (after a week of such balmy weather) and it’s already looking like another day in the Fox bar, which is good in a way, but … still, not so good.

The BNP  have won a council seat in Coalville.  Perhaps the electorate were enraged by Arthur Scargill’s  name on the ballot papers, but still … not good.  Not good at all.

England have lost to Holland in the hit-and giggle World Cup.  Not that I care, but still, I’d accept, not really very good.


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