“Sledge-tow dad could face jail : ‘I gave in to my son’s pestering'” – Harborough Mail

This is the man who was snapped towing his six-year-old son behind his 4×4 on a sledge when we had  snow back in February.  “This is so serious that we are considering a custodial sentence” says the magistrate.

I do hope not.  As a non-driver I’m not sure quite how dangerous this was, but as he was apparently driving for 500 yards at less than 8 m.p.h. presumably not desperately so.  More important, surely, is the effect it might have on the boy involved.  If he felt that his alleged pestering had led to his Dad being sent to prison I’d imagine he might feel – very guilty?  angry with his father? very – and lastingly – angry with the police and the criminal justice system?

I can see a prison sentence might act as a deterrent to other parents thinking of towing their children behind a 4×4 the next time we have a freak snowstorm, but in (emotional) cost-benefit terms, I can’t see that it’s really  justified.   

At this point it’s traditional to say IT’S POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD!!!  But it isn’t really – just thoughtless and cruel.

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