So – how old do you think you look? (asks Tesco)


I notice – having dropped in there this morning – that Tesco are upping the ante in the drive to persuade the nation’s teens to become total abstainers.  Sainsbury’s already claim that they will challenge anyone who looks under 21 to prove that they are over 18.  Tesco now claim that they will do the same to anyone who looks under 25.

Now this – surely – is playing with fire – the potential for the giving and taking of offence (the exchange of offence) enormous.  I’d guess that most er … people between the ages of 25 and 30 (and older) would  hope to be able to pass for “early twenties” and would be offended if not asked for ID.  On the other hand, unusually well-preserved 35 year olds will rapidly tire of having to carry their passports round with them in case they feel like buying a bottle of wine.

On the other hand, though, possibly some scope for Leslie Phillips-style lounge lizardry – “I’m afraid I shall have to ask Madam for some proof of identity – she doesn’t look a day over 23” …   

And which teenager (which most of the assistants are) can tell the difference between 25 and 30 – or even 40 in a lot of cases?


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