What are you doing? (And why am I doing it?)

One reason for being at the NEC yesterday was to hear a presentation about Twitter by Phil Bradley (Independent Internet Consultant).  Originally the programme had said that this was due to last 5 minutes – I thought this was quite a good conceptual joke but – alas! – only a misprint.  Unfortunately the little marquee that had been erected in the hall for the presentations was full and standing by the time I got there, so I had to er … follow it by watching the powerpoint presentation through the window of the marquee and trying to listen to what he was saying through the wall. 

If I’d known I could have brought a tumbler and pressed it against the wall – something else (see below) you only normally see in comedies and cartoons.  On the other hand I guess I could just have stayed at home and er … followed it on Twitter?


2 thoughts on “What are you doing? (And why am I doing it?)

    • Thanks for taking the trouble to comment – I could actually hear most of it and will certainly follow up the slides. I think I was just struck by the incongruity of listening to a presentation about a high tech means of communication in such a low tech way (ear to the wall).

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