Through the past, darkly

As a brief coda to the entry below, I see that Sainsbury’s in Harborough have gone half way to restoring the proper name of the WRPLA – their CD display is labelled West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

Why, one wonders, did the Blaby scamps change the name in the first place – as a subliminal homage to Shaun Ryder? Charles Ryder? Jesse Ryder (the self-inflicted injury-prone New Zealand opener)?

Out of consideration for historians researching the hospital via Google?

Perhaps simply a  revival of the fine old (Beatles-inspired) tradition of planting misleading or meaningless clues in LP sleeves, leading the listener off down/up the garden of forking paths?  (As, indeed, it seems to have succeeded in leading me, and I’m unlikely even to listen to the record).

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