Rockery nook

Spotted from the top deck of the X3 from Harborough to Leicester yesterday that someone has planted what looks like a rockery on top of the bus shelter outside the Chip Inn.  If I’d had the presence of mind – not to mention a digital camera – I could have taken a snap and posted it on here as proof, but as I didn’t you’ll have to take my word for it.

Rather charmed by this, although the utilitarian* mind might- as it can only be seen by those on the top deck of a bus, or on stilts, or – I suppose – from the upper floors of surrounding buildings –  dispute it as a worthwhile use of scarce resources.

Is this the only example of this in Harborough, I wonder?  Perhaps they are everywhere, just previously unnoticed by me.  

* I use the term loosely, and probably inaccurately.

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