Leicestershire v Middlesex, Grace Road, County Championship, 11 July

Managed to cheat the Weather Gods here by watching the second day of this match on Saturday.  Good job I did, as the match was over before lunch on the third day.

What’s more –  mirabile dictu – Leicestershire won by eight wickets – their first four day victory of the season.  What seems to me to have happened is that the wet conditions combined with a rarely-used square (further over in the direction of the George Geary Stand than I’ve seen them play before) to create a fast bowlers’ playground, the ball springing up off a length like a tennis ball.  Middlesex all out for 91 in their second innings, Josh Cobb managing 95 on his own.

My next day off to watch cricket is next Friday – the fourth day of Leicestershire v Essex.  Let’s hope Essex are made of sterner stuff than their shambolic neighbours.  (On the other hand, it’s also the first day of Northants v Australians – so I’m covered.)

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