Know thyself 2 – the Political Compass

Having established which sex I am,  let’s see whether the internet can help me work out where I stand politically.  The  Political Compass seems promising.  Old hands may think  this a bit old hat (old gloves?) , but ’tis new to me.

A few simple questions – Would you sell your Granny for sixpence?Do you keep Adolf Hitler’s birthday? and so on, and out come the results.

Here they are (fig. 1) (and – for comparison – some other well known personalities (fig. 2)).  I appear to be in the same quarter of the playing field as Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama (slightly to the left of the DL, in fact).

The interesting point here, I think, is that I’m reasonably sure that if one were to give a cross-section of the public the names of all those on the second chart and asked the sample to rank the well-known names in order of preference Mandela and the DL would come out 1 & 2, but all Western democracies seem to be governed by those in the top right hand corner.

Go figure … answers on a postcard etc.

fig 1.

I am here

I am here

 fig. 2


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