Cricketers’ underwear

You asked for it – you goddit! 

As I think I’ve said before, a great deal of the traffic directed to this blog seems to have come from those seeking – apparently – pictures of cricketers’ underwear (prompted by my post of 31 May).  I’ve had searches for “Flintoff in black underwear”, “cricketers in dressing room in underwear”, even “Andrew Stauss in underwear”.  Now I have to say that I think there are far more interesting things on here than – even – Strauss’s underwear, but who am I to dispute the will of the people?

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ll do my best to satisfy your curiosity.


C. B. Fry

C. B. Fry


is C.B. Fry, not, I grant you, technically in his underwear, but fairly scantily clad.

Here –

Harry Pilling's Y-Fronts

Harry Pilling's Y-Fronts

 are Harry Pilling’s Y-Fronts (extra small).

And here –

Bertie Buse's Long Johns

Bertie Buse's Long Johns


are Bertie Buse’s Long Johns – very handy for early season matches at Derby.

Now, I ask you, what more do you want?

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