Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood on the go

Tuned in last night to Desperate Romantics.  Enjoyed it, but – perhaps because I’d watched a documentary about it the other week – I couldn’t help being reminded of the old Doctor series – Doctor in the House, Doctor on the Go and so on.  Group of young bucks making their way in the world – scrapes with authority figures  – eye for the ladies – some more worldly than others – and so on.  Only set in the 19th century, and perhaps directed by Ken Russell (in his earlier, more restrained period).

Distracting too that the actor playing D.G. Rossetti seemed to have based his characterisation on belligerent food critic Giles Coren. 

Still, certainly a must-see for fans of the heaving glance and the smouldering bosom.


2 thoughts on “Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood on the go

  1. Delighted to have been introduced to your blog – enjoying it hugely. I am a big fan of the PRB and their work and I agree that ‘Desperate Romantics’ is a delicious and humorous romp and I sincerely hope that it was really like that. If only Ken Russell was still doing the business; I don’t always like everything he does, I just desperately want him to be out there doing it.

    • Thanks for your comment. Gratified to hear that you’re enjoying it.

      Ken Russell seems to be making micro-budget films, starring himself and set in his own back garden. He also seems to be married to someone called Lisi Tribble – a name I rather like.

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