Trends for Autumn from Topman via thelondonpaper

As you can probably imagine, I feel it’s crucial to keep up with the word on the street  about the latest trends in gents’ tailoring.  Thanks to Thelondonpaper‘s Carrie Gorman I feel I’m now clued in – Trends for Autumn 2009.

“True to form, one of the top fashion trends for autumn is to ignore your withered finances and dress as if you own half of Leicestershire. Nowhere on the high street has achieved such hierarchy [sic] as Topman whose “privileged” trend will filter in to stores shortly. Expect slimly tailored check trousers, shirts, tartan suits and double-breasted cardigans to mirror the life of a wealthy entrepreneur’s son on a budget [presumably it’s” you” on the budget rather than the “wealthy entrepreneur’s son”, damn him]”.

This is immensely useful information, as I now know that, if I spot someone swanking up and down Northampton Road in a tartan suit and a double-breasted cardigan, they may well “own half of Leicestershire”, and I can reasonably touch them for a fiver.

I do think Topman have rather missed a trick by not establishing some  kind of celebrity endorsement from Top Cat – waistcoats?  straw boaters? – I’d be round there like a shot.

Top Cat

Top Cat

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