Ivan Massow questions the very nature of reality (with a bit of help from Joan Collins)

On my way to Birmingham today I pick up a copy of that indispensible publication Countryside La Vie – available free from Market Harborough Railway Station and many other prestigious retail outlets.

I am surprised to read the following article –

Banksy’s coming for dinner film launch party

On 15 June Joan Collins and Ivan Massow hosted a star-studded private party in the Penthouse Suite of the stunning 5* May Fair Hotel to mark the launch of Ivan Massow’s new film ‘Banksy’s coming for dinner’.

Banksy … is a film within a film and questions the very nature of ‘reality’ at every level.  The film stars Joan Collins alongside Percy Gibson [JC’s husband?], Tara Newley [JC’s daughter], Paul de Freitas [of course!] and … Tamara Beckwith.”

I had no idea that Ivan Massow had turned his hand to film directing (direction?).  Politics (Tory turned Labour turned Independent Mayoral candidate who didn’t actually stand), insurance tycoon, Director of the ICA, MFH, yes – but there’s clearly no end to the man’s talents.

So I can only speculate why this artwork – which I’m confident improves on the efforts of such as Antonioni and Resnais in the matter of questioning the very nature of reality – has received so little attention.  Why isn’t it visible at the multiplexes of Leicester and Kettering?  Why can’t I see it at the Market Harborough Film Club?  Why can’t I remember reading any reviews?

I sense a conspiracy by the rascally left-liberal elite to suppress this revolutionary work.  Something must be done!

(I see they even had Gloria Hunniford and Piers Morgan at the launch party – bet they didn’t get that calibre of celeb out for Last Year at Marienbad).


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