Stuart Broad : a brief reminiscence, and a look to the future

Understandably there’s been a great deal of excitement this week about the conclusion to the Ashes series.  A good deal of excitable comment too from various quarters about young Stuart Broad.

Delighted to see his comment, though, in yesterday’s Guardian –

“”I haven’t got the body to be posing in underwear like Beckham” he said” – because I certainly don’t intend to go down that well-worn path again – Underwear.

I can remember watching one of Broad’s first appearances in first class cricket, against, I think, Somerset, at Oakham School – his very recent alma mater – in 2005 and telling anyone who would listen (not a vast throng, admittedly) that he would soon be playing  for England.  (I mention this because I’m not known for my fits of prescience).  I also remember telling my daughter-  then aged nine – that she ought to ask fora signed photo while he was still reasonably accessible.  Now, of course, four years down the line, her Facebook (et al.) is buzzing with hot pix of Ashes hottie Stuart Broad.  All too typical of the younger generation, I’m afraid, who simply won’t listen to their elders.     

So, as a public service announcement, I’d suggest getting in early with hot pix of the Ashes hottie of 2013 – James Taylor!  Here’s one to start your collection –

James Taylor

2 thoughts on “Stuart Broad : a brief reminiscence, and a look to the future

  1. 5’5″ does seem to be his official height – that’s what it says in Playfair anyway – though I’d have guessed he was smaller than that. I read somewhere that both his parents were jockeys, which I suppose explains it.

    I’ve never seen Broad and Taylor together – and won’t be seeing them together playing for Leicestershire, unfortunately. If Taylor did ever make the England side, no doubt the press would find a way of highlighting the contrast.

    Pity Will Jefferson of Notts isn’t likely to play with Taylor (I hope) – he’s 6’10”.

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