September’s here again (almost): David Sylvian and Beth Gibbons

A very Autumnal day today, and not in a good way, I’m afraid.  Spent the afternoon sheltering under a tree and watching Great Bowden 2nd XI (or, as they seem to style themselves – the big bullies! – Bowden) playing cricket in the pouring rain.

Still, I thought I’d celebrate the arrival of the Fairest of the Seasons with a couple of pieces of appropriate music – assuming I can get the links to function properly : please bear with me if they don’t.

This is September by David Sylvian.  What?  I hear you – rather rudely-  cry, not that big ponce out of Japan?  The very same.  This particular piece is very brief, but is the opening track from an album which I would probably pack in my knotted handkerchief if I were ever carted off to that putative desert island – Secrets of the Beehive.  He’s not to be heard on this particular song, but most of the LP features a  musician – double-bassist Danny Thompson – who’s also present on a great many of my other favourite (popular) recordings (Nick Drake, John Martyn, Richard Thompson, Kate Bush et al.).

Sylvian September

And here’s another – greatly underrated – Autumnal piece.  This is Beth Gibbons (of Portishead fame)  and Rustin Man with Mysteries. 

Gibbons Mysteries

And a happy Autumn to us all.

2 thoughts on “September’s here again (almost): David Sylvian and Beth Gibbons

    • I sometimes allow the young chap who types this stuff up for me to insert a few of his favourite “pop videos”, in lieu of payment.

      (Well actually, no. In real life I’m 48. I just write, and occasionally feel, as though I’m 106).

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