Sketch for Summer : Durutti Column

As it’s Sunday evening, I thought I’d try another piece of music on a seasonal theme.

In spite of the fact that it’s called Sketch for Summer (by the Durutti Column), this – in the odd way that music has – reminds me of Autumn.  Perhaps Summer has o’erbrimmed my clammy cells.

The band (in so far as it was a band) was named after the anarchist Buenaventura Durruti – Durruti – by Factory Records supremo Sir Anthony H. Wilson.  No idea whether the variant spelling was intentional.

The original LP – again, I’m sure, at Wilson’s instigation- came in a sleeve made of sandpaper.  The idea, apparently, was that it would “destroy” (in fact, just scratch the sleeves of) the other records in your collection (a hommage to a “Situationist joke” originally made by Guy Debord).  I immediately foiled this revolutionist plot by keeping it in a plastic sleeve, except, of course, when I wanted to do a bit of sanding.

All of this great lathering of revolutionary theory is actually irrelevant to the music, a slight pastoral piece, greatly enhanced by the production by Martin Hannett, the birdsong a louder version of Eno’s MSG insects.

If you don’t like the music, you can always enjoy this home movie (not mine, incidentally), taken  from the Campanile Tower of Westminster Cathedral – Sketch for summer.

(Reading the comments on the video I see that there is apparently a branch of Sock Shop at the top of the tower.  When I went there, I only remember RC nick-nacks being on sale.  I think I bought a tiny figurine of Therese of Lisieux).  





3 thoughts on “Sketch for Summer : Durutti Column

  1. Crikey – I’d forgotten all about them! I used to be in a band called Sketch for Summer which later turned into The Mighty Jungle Beasts, one of our members being Mark Kermode off the telly. Ooh it takes me right back…..

  2. Crikey, as you say – you are versatile. I’m tempted to say I used to be in a band with Frank Kermode – I can picture him doing a decent turn on the spoons – but that would just be silly – though I have always wondered whether the two were related in some way.

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