Smoke Fairies, or My Lady Nicotine

Some readers might have the impression that the author of this blog is some silly old fool who sits here all day, covered in a thick layer of dust, reading cricket books from the early years of the last century.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This blog is, as we all must be,  vibrant, dynamic and committed to change.

And just to prove it, here is a tune from a Very Modern Band The Smoke Fairies.  Like a lot of Very Modern Music it sounds as though it could easily have been made in 1971, but I like it.  Not so sure about the video, which seems to me involve the destruction of a perfectly serviceable robot, but perhaps it’s a symbolic robot.

Here it is – Smoke Fairies

Part of the appeal, I must admit, is that they’ve taken their name from this short film from 1909, created by Georges Melies (still haven’t found the accents on this thing) – My Lady Nicotine, or the smoke fairy.  Older readers might remember that this – like a lot of Melies’ other work – was a great favourite of The Old Grey Whistle Test.  Really old readers might remember seeing it at a mobile  kinematograph as a birthday treat.

(Warning – this video contains explicit scenes of smoking).

My lady Nicotine, or the smoke fairy

3 thoughts on “Smoke Fairies, or My Lady Nicotine

  1. Absolutely loved the Smoke Fairies. If one was being cynical, one might say they sound like a Fleet Foxes ‘me too’ act, but that would probably be unfair as I have no idea how long they’ve been around. Terrific film as well.

    Oh I do miss the culture of smoking. I’ve never smoked much myself but it was one of the few grown-up pleasures; a trip to the pub, slightly too much of the sauce, marginally too many Marlborough’s and a good crack. I’m one of those annoying people who can smoke a whole pack on a good night then go for months without giving it a second thought. But I recently bought a 1960’s BOAC cigarette case and was obliged to shorten some fags to fit them in and smoke them to get the use out of it. It’s called the ‘Auto-up’ case and the cigarettes pop through a trap door in the side. Deep sigh…

  2. Glad you enjoyed the SFs. I see what you mean about the Fleet Foxes – mind you they are one of the few contemporary bands I’m really familiar with. I really must make more of an effort to Keep Up.

    Very familiar with the cigarette case problem – I’ve had several over the years but have never found one that has room for the modern king size fag. I’ve usually ended up rolling tiny roll-ups, but soon got bored with that.

    Might Woodbines be the answer? I believe they’re still on sale.

  3. Don’t talk to me about Woodbines! Several years ago, a family party was going rather too well and at around 3am realised that there was not a gasper in the house. My ex-partner had a rather fine cigarette pack collection and we realised that there was a box of unopened Woodbines from around 1945. We smoked one each. I will probably have to gargle with WD40 for the rest of my life. Strangely appropriate for the Wartime Housewife though.

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