Stornoway : Zorbing

As part of my new-found determination to try to Keep Up with Modern Life, I thought I’d follow up a recommendation from Laura Barton of The Guardian, who’s usually a reliable tipster in these matters, and have a look at Stornoway.

According to Ms. Barton “My autumn mornings are soundtracked by Stornoway, whose music strikes the same note of sharp sunlight and a faint chill underfoot … they play double bass and trumpet and cello and violin and banjo, and succeed in knitting Irish inflection to bluegrass intonation to create a sound that is richly, greenly, surprisingly British”.  Sounds good, though I’m less pleased to hear that “they once bought all the crockery in a branch of Age Concern so that they could could record its destruction”.

This urge towards mindless destruction in the younger generation (c.f. also the Smoke Fairies and the robot) does really need to be discouraged, I feel – particularly in relation to a charity shop.  Anyway, here they are, with their first single, Zorbing –Stornoway.  Warning – contains scenes on a roundabout which may induce feelings of dizziness.  Do not watch while driving or operating heavy machinery.

What’s odd here for me is watching people who are young enough to be my children looking uncannily like the way I used to look at the same age.  So it goes, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Stornoway : Zorbing

  1. Sadly I was driving a back hoe loader whilst watching this, and the dizziness caused me to inadvertantly dig up the Northampton Road. Probably for the best….

    I will be interested to watch Stornoway’s progress when they have found their own voice as they are clearly competant musicians.
    Have you heard of The Decemberists? If not, have a look at/listen to this:-

  2. So, you’re the one responsible for that? I thought it was just the Council Improving the Drains again.

    I do actually have this LP – I think I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago -and I’m very fond of it but I’ve never seen this video before, so many thanks for that.

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