London Fashion Week on the Harborough to London train, represented in photographs of birds

Write about what you know, they always say when handing out advice to aspiring writers.  What do I know about most intimatelyat the moment?  Well, commuting, as long-suffering long- term readers will know.  And what’s going on this week in the world of trains? Well, it’s London Fashion Week.  I should explain.

A relation, who once had cause to  be at Harborough Station early one morning, told me he felt as though he’d stumbled into a previously unknown world, and that the poor benighted commuters, in their dark suits, looked like a flock (or murther) of crows.

A murther of management consultants

A murther of management consultants

 This week, however, we poor subfusc creatures have visitors from a more brilliant world.  It’s London Fashion Week and people who – I think (I don’t entirely understand this world) are generally buyers for clothing stores, in the likes of Sheffield and Nottingham travel down to London to view the latest collections- and what birds of paradise they are!  What brilliant plumage they have!   A day or two ago, for instance, I sat opposite a woman who appeared to have been sprayed with metallic gold paint – not all over, obviously, but she had quite a lot of the stuff in her hair.

A fashion person

A fashion person

And your correspondent?  Well, in the Autumn, at any rate, I tend to favour what could kindly be termed earth tones –mud, lichen, gravel, that sort of thing, so I suppose, in this scenario, I could represent myself as a throstle –

Turdus Backwatersmaniensis

Turdus Backwatersmaniensis


Well, I hope that’s given you an insight into a – perhaps unfamiliar -corner of contemporary life.


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