The End of the Season : the Kinks

After that brief intermission I feel that I should mark the end of the (cricket) season – which was today – in some way, so here is – with a literal mindedness worthy of an old-style Radio 1 DJ – The End of the Season, by one of my favourite groups, The Kinks – an album track from Something Else by the Kinks, released slightly earlier than that test card, in 1967.

The Season the protagonist of this song was thinking of was presumably the Ascot/Henley/Wimbledon Season rather than what’s been going at Grace Road since April, but there is something about the woozily nostalgic but apprehensive  tone  that rings a bell.

I’m not convinced the maker of the accompanying film quite understands how the Season works in England – it doesn’t snow that often  in September.  Nor, for that  matter, does everything (very often)inexplicably turn green and purple.  Unless you’ve spent too long in the Fox Bar, of course.

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