Wrestlers, minnows and holy water

From an obituary in today’s Guardian, for Gladys “Killem” Gillem (American female professional wrestler) –

“Gillem … was expelled from her Catholic school for putting minnows in the holy water.” 

I’d have to take advice on the theology here, but this does seem harsh.  Presumably – provided he was returned to running water reasonably soon – Brother Minnow and his pals could only have benefited from the experience.  I doubt whether the efficacy of the holy water would have been seriously compromised by the piscine intrusion.

Ms. Killem seems to have spent most of her professional career wrestling a woman called Mildred Burke  without winning a single bout, perhaps not unconnected with the fact that MB was married to the promoter of the fights.  She eventually seems to have given up on this and turned to wrestling alligators and bears instead.

A minnow

A minnow


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