Tinchy Stryder = Saw Looser!!

I must say I was disappointed to read in this evening’s Standard Lite the following, concerning the Music of Black Origin awards last night –

“Tinchy Stryder threw a diva fit and delayed the finale by refusing to perform after failing to win a prize from his three nominations.  Stryder, 22, was due to perform the latest War Child single with stars including Chipmunk and N-Dubz.  He later Tweeted ‘F the Mobos'”.

I feel that someone older and wiser – and perhaps with some experience in these matters – needs to have a word with young Stryder about the virtues of accepting defeat with good grace. Who better than his mentor and financier Norman Lamb, Liberal MP for North Norfolk?

On the other hand I suppose there is a danger of the influence flowing the other way – so that if the electors of North Norfolk choose not to return Mr. Lamb at the next election, we might see him Tweeting “F the electorate”.

I do hope not.

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