Antisocial behaviour in Wigston

While I’m on the subject of the Wave of Crime engulfing Brown’s Broken Britain (c. most newspapers), where peaceful neighbourhoods are under siege by antisocial elements, see if you can guess which gang of folk devils are responsible for the following outrages, as reported by the Leicester Mercury –

Neighbours under attack as quiet street is overrun

Residents say that their once quiet street is being overrun by ….. that attack people, destroy gardens and urinate in homes.  Many say that they are unable to sleep through the noise ….. create at night, while others are scared to go outside and confront them for fear of being attacked.

JU, 77, had his trousers torn by a …. after he tried to get it out of his back garden.  “The …. went to bite my leg.  Luckily it only bit through my trousers and not through my leg as well. ”

His wife, 74, said “They are getting worse around here and are causing a lot of damage to people’s property.  They have messed up our back garden a number of times”.

86 year-old OF had a shrub planted in memory of her brother dug up.  Another …. came in through her back door while she was gardening and fell asleep on her sofa. 

JS, 77 said “They make loads of noise at night when they are mating and fighting and it’s hard to get to sleep.  There are broken fences all over the street which have been caused by ….”.

[The man from the Council] said “We’ve had lots of calls from the residents in that street.  They feel they are being terrorised. We’ve had reports of them being loud, destroying gardens, and one person said a …. had gone into a house and urinated inside.  A lady has also called us to say that she was bitten on the hand by one.  It is important that people do not feed them”.

So who is responsible for terrorising the neighbourhood in this way?  Who deserves ASBOs all round?

Feral youths?  Bogus Asylum Seekers?  Travellers? 

Nope, it’s Brother Reynard up to his old tricks again.  I blame the parents. 




2 thoughts on “Antisocial behaviour in Wigston

  1. My cottage is owned by the Fernie Hunt. I have no trouble from foxes. I am, however, tormented by Barking Beagles.

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