Parricide: does it affect house prices?

Reporting on the very sad case of the son who appears to have stabbed both his parents to death in Croydon on Thursday, the Evening Standard found time to tickle the hot buttons of its readership –

“The killings shocked neighbours in the street, where adjacent houses have recently fetched almost £600,000.”

Leaving aside the questionable relevance of property prices to the case in hand, how do they know?  Did the Standard’s reporter ask the neighbour they interviewed “How do you feel about seeing your neighbour’s son taken away by the police covered in blood having apparently murdered his parents?  And, by the way, how much is your house worth?”

By the next day, The Times had been able to do a little more research into the case – “The bodies … were found at their £200,000 home in Croydon.”

Incidentally, the murdered father was a retired headmaster of a Prep School.  The fees at this school, according to the Standard, are £2,750 per term, should you feel inclined to send your children there.

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