Miss Alex Reid : high hopes for 2012!

Arriving at the station this morning, I found that my usual Guardian wasn’t available, so I had to cast around for an alternative.  My eye alighted on the front page of the Daily Star and this startling headline (sadly, I didn’t have time to read the whole story, but I’m sure we can rely on its veracity) –

Daily Star

For anyone who hasn’t been following this story, “Jordan hunk”  is her new paramour Alex Reid, the renowned cage fighter. Here is a picture of Miss Reid, for anyone who can’t quite bring her to mind-

(Sorry, folks the picture has been removed – try the website of englandkarate.com).

(‘Dun’t look like a woman to me – it’s a bloke’ – The Plain People of Leicestershire

Well, that just shows what an outdated and stereotypical view of femininity you have – get back to the middle ages with you!)

Anyway, as I was about say, before I was so rudely interrupted, it does strike me that this new development could eventually provide a great boost to our national prestige.  I am sure that you are all as keen as I am that, when the Great Day of the 2012 London Olympics comes around, Team GB should be among the leaders in the medal table.

You may remember that women’s boxing has been admitted as an Olympic event for the first time in 2012, and my feeling is that Miss Reid (with her cage fighting experience) would have to be among the favourites to bag the heavyweight title.  How proud it would make us all to think of her following in the hallowed footsteps of Mary Peters and Lillian Board!

And think too of the glamour the presence of Miss Reid and her lady consort would bring to the opening ceremony – I can picture them now leading the parade, holding aloft the Union Flag, arm-in-arm with the Mayor of London.

It might be wise, on second thoughts, for the Mayor not be too closely involved.  It would never do to have the dignity of his office compromised by being caught up in some sort of  Bizarre Love Triangle or any unpleasantness of that description.

(For part 2 of this story, follow this link – The follow up).


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