Olympics 2012 – it’s looking brighter by the second!

A reader has written in (well – pushed a note through my letterbox) to complain about my reference yesterday to Miss Pricy Kate-Jordan as being the “lady consort” of the noted heavyweight boxer Miss Alex Reid. 

Do you not realise that Miss Jordan is, in addition to being a novelist of some repute, one of our leading equestrian athletes, and is almost certain to represent this great nation of ours in the dressage events at the 2012 Olympics?  I suppose you’d prefer to see Sir Harry Llewellyn on Foxhunter,  eh you antedeluvian, fox-murdering sexist old …” (and a great deal more in this vein, I’m afraid).

But it’s a good point, well made.  Even better if we can look forward to seeing both Miss Price and Miss Reid mount the podium in 2012, while the sound of God Save the Queen raises the rafters.  Were this to happen, I believe it would be first time since the days of H.R.H. the Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips that two partners (civil or otherwise) will have won medals for Great Britain at the Olympics.

How far we’ve come in the last forty years!

2 thoughts on “Olympics 2012 – it’s looking brighter by the second!

  1. Let’s not be silly about this. Pricey Kate-Jordan is a stupid , silicon infested tart who has managed to make Peter Andre look like a heavyweight. This is probably where the confusion with Miss Reid has occurred.

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