James Taylor and Will Jefferson : an inaccurate prediction

[August 2011 – For anyone who’s been directed to this ancient post hoping to find out how tall James Taylor is – Playfair 2009 listed him as 5’5″.  He’s certainly no shorter than that, and I’d say he was now slightly taller, though he’s probably stopped growing.  He only looks so small because the rest of the Leicestershire squad are so huge.]

A short time ago, in response to a query from a reader about the exact height of James Taylor, and whether he had ever been pictured next to the much taller Stuart Broad, I remarked –

” Pity Will Jefferson of Notts isn’t likely to play with Taylor (I hope) – he’s 6′10″.”

What I meant by this was that I hoped that Taylor, unlike Broad, would not leave Leicestershire to play for Notts.  I’m delighted to see from the latest Wisden Cricketer that Jefferson will be playing for Leicestershire next year.  Apart from providing amusing photo opportunities for the man from the Mercury, having these two batting in tandem should throw the most accurate bowlers off their lengths.

I’m not sure, incidentally, that Taylor- at 19 – isn’t still growing.  I’m sure he looks taller than he did at the start of the season.


2 thoughts on “James Taylor and Will Jefferson : an inaccurate prediction

    • Sorry, had to remove the link – my blog seems to think it’s spam.

      Yes I had spotted that, thanks. I always follow JC’s Liberal England blog anyway – it’s an excellent all round read (it’s on my blogroll if you fancy a look). I know he does sometimes write about cricket, and shall follow his commentary on the tour with particular interest.

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