Is Hoggs the new Higgs? Hoggard to Leicestershire?

I thought I might try to do a bit of proper blogging this evening and publicise a story because I wanted it to be true, but I see that by now this one – that Leicestershire have expressed an interest in signing  Matthew Hoggard – has already flooded the internet, reaching as far as, for instance, the official website of Swindon Town Football Club (brought to you by the Swindon Advertiser) – good news travels fast.

Swindon F.C. 

Leicestershire do, of course, have a long record of signing up players (bowlers in particular) who have been discarded by more fashionable Northern counties – Ken Higgs, Jackie Birkenshaw, Raymond Illingworth, Willie Watson  – even De Freitas and Malcolm – and giving them a new lease of life :  our most urgent need for next season would have to be a decent fast bowler (followed closely by a few more batsmen), so there’s logic to this on both sides of the arrangement, and it was my first thought on reading that Yorkshire no longer wanted Mr. Hoggard.

On the other hand, the fly in the ointment would seem to be that the Hog wasn’t re-engaged because Yorkshire couldn’t afford his wages.  We’re short of money.  Will the lure of a pint or two in the Fox Bar and plenty of room to walk his dogs in the delightful Leicestershire countryside be enough?

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