Even better than the real thing?

Observed this evening at a (very enjoyable) fireworks display, a young girl watching the fireworks wearing 3-D spex (the kind you need to watch films in 3-D).  Would this actually have some effect on the way the fireworks appeared, or has she, perhaps, spent so much time looking at screens that she thinks she needs special glasses to make the real world appear three dimensional?

 The display, incidentally, was organised by the local Roman Catholic Primary School.  No Guy on top of the bonfire.


2 thoughts on “Even better than the real thing?

  1. At the risk of being unnecessarily contraversial and yet not being a Left Footer, I’m not happy about burning Guys either. In the interests of personal freedom I can’t help thinking that Mr Fawkes and his posse should be hailed as national heroes. I’m also extremely uncomfortable about the burning of the effigy of the Pope in Lewes (and random effigies of celebrities which seem to be popping up all over the place), but this is freedom of expression in all it’s glory and we can’t cherry pick. I ‘ad that Nick Griffin in the back of my cab once….

  2. I didn’t really miss the Guy, it just set me wondering when I last saw one – they seem to be dying out.

    Weren’t they burning Katie Price this year in Lewes? I suppose being burnt in effigy is the logical next step after appearing on I’m a Celebrity. If they went back to burning the Pope I seriously doubt whether anyone would realise who it was meant to be.

    If you’re a fan of the Gunpowder plotters and you find yourself at a loose end you might fancy a trip to look at Triangular Lodge – that odd looking building you can see about half way between Kettering and Harborough if you were travelling from London to MH by train.

    It was built by whichever Tresham was the father of the Gunpowder Plotter, as a non-too subtle expression of his Catholic faith. It’s a fascinating building, though the Treshams seem to have been a fairly unpleasant bunch – far too keen on enclosures for my liking, and savage in repressing dissent.

    Actually, I can rarely work out which side I’m on in that period of history.

    You’re quite right about personal freedom though, of course.

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