A gloomy reflection

Andrew Marr is currently on TV, discussing – with a great deal of rather distracting gurning and mugging – the inter-war years – the years of entre deux guerres.  Every year is entre deux guerres, or in one.

(He’s also just done an impression of D.H. Lawrence that makes me think he’s confusing him with Wallace (as in Gromit)).

4 thoughts on “A gloomy reflection

  1. I’m really, really sorry to say this, but are you aware that the chord progression on this is the same as for George Formby’s “When I’m Cleaning Windows”. Surely that will cheer you up.

  2. Just realised I put this comment on the wrong post – it’s supposed to be with Half Man Half Biscuit. This is what comes of going on the computer during the graveyard shift.

  3. Thank you for those cheering thoughts. My periods of “entre deux verres” tend to be fairly brief, I’m afraid.

    You’re quite right about George Formby – a point in its favour I feel.

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