Restless Legs : a kick against misery

D.H. Lawrence, of whom I was speaking just a moment ago, said that he thought tragedy ought to be a “great kick against misery”.

“Misery” would be a vast, and, indeed, melodramatic exaggeration but there is,  I’m afraid, a distinct air of gloom around Casa Backwatersman at the moment.  I think it’s the time of the year.

So here is, if not a great kick, at least a fairly firm prod in the chest of wintry torpor – those great wordsmiths Half Man Half Biscuit with a song about Restless Leg Syndrome, accompanied by a travesty of  David Lynch’s first film Eraserhead.  This will make no sense at all if you haven’t seen Eraserhead, and little more if you have.  But it brought a wintry smile to my lips.


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