Death the Bride again : Tim Buckley’s Song to the Siren

Let’s try a bit of word of word association.

Following on from the last post … what does Death the Bride make me think of ?  I think it’s this (though the lyric is, to be pedantic, “Death my bride”).    

This is Tim Buckley, singing Song to the Siren, on the Monkees show from 1967.  The song eventually emerged on record later in his career on the album Starsailor, by which time he’d ditched Larry Beckett, who wrote the words on his first two albums and also this song, and headed off in a less folky and more experimental direction.  By the time it appeared on Starsailor, the lyric had changed slightly (he is no longer as puzzled as an oyster, but a new-born child, for instance), the key (I think) had changed and the over all impression was less tremulously romantic and more narcotically woozy, but it still sounded a little out of place.

It also looks as though he’s so lost in romantic reverie that he’s forgotten to wear any trousers.  But I think that’s an optical illusion.

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