Credibility gap (and a bit of Glorious ’39)

A text message  from my daughter (14) –

“Top up yr fone!  Its dangerous to have no cred”

I think by “cred” she meant credit with the telephone company, rather than – as I think it would have meant in my young day – credibility, although, frankly, I sometimes suspect  I’m running fairly low on the latter as well.

It is  true that I always encourage her to make sure that she has a useable mobile ‘phone on her when she and her friends go on one of their jaunts to Leicester, not because I’m worried about them being attacked by bandits or sexual maniacs, but because there are two trains which depart from Leicester in the direction of London within five minutes of each other, one of which stops at Harborough, the other speeding straight through to London.  One or other of these trains is usually late, the platforms get  switched and it would be perilously easy for them to find themselves on the fast train to London by mistake.  If this were to happen they would not only be unable to get off until London, but would be at the mercy of the much-feared Revenue Protection Team, who might use their new powers of summary arrest to lock them up in the dank cell at St. Pancras that they, no doubt, keep for precisely this purpose.  If she had her ‘phone with her she could at least let us know where she was being held and we could negotiate for her release.

I don’t suppose she thinks that I am actually in any specific danger if I don’t have a working ‘phone on me, but because she has the expectation  that everyone is permanently in contact with everyone else (via MSN, Facebook et al.) the simple fact of someone being uncontactable becomes a source of anxiety in itself.

I saw a film last week – Poliakoff’s Glorious ’39 . In spite of the reviews( “How does Stephen Poliakoff get away with this stuff? – The Independent) I rather enjoyed it.  There were several points in the (on one level Buchanesque) plot where the heroine desparately needed to make contact with somone but couldn’t and I found myself thinking “Why doesn’t she just call him on his mobile?”.  In fact the plots of a great many classic films would have been ruined by the existence of the mobile.

A trailer for the film, if you fancy a look –

3 thoughts on “Credibility gap (and a bit of Glorious ’39)

  1. I’m desperate to see this film and in my opinion Stephen Poliakoff has never turned in a duff ‘un. I have been very good this year and I’m therefore hoping that Father Christmas will bring me a boxed set of his films. I’ve dropped enough hints! Did you see Shooting The Past? Glorious.

  2. It was on in Leicester for about a week at the swish new place in the Highcross shopping centre, but I missed that, so saw it in London at the Odeon, Leicester Square.

    I think it’s a BBC co-production, so it should turn up on the telly at some point.

    I’ve never seen anything of his that I didn’t like – I remember seeing very early stuff like City Sugar (in the seventies) and being very influenced by that, but I seem to have missed out on a lot of the middle period TV work (partly because I didn’t have a TV for a while) and have only just caught up with him again recently. Shooting The Past was one of the ones I missed out on.

    Santa was making an appearance in front of the Old Grammar School today, by the way, – perhaps he had some Poliakoff box sets hidden in his sack?

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