LPs of the decade no. 5 : Flying Club Cup – Beirut


A bathing belle and some deckchairs

So, we approach the end of the year and not only that but – arguably – the end of the decade.  This always gives proper journalists and disc jockeys the chance to fill their columns and programmes by making lists of their favourite this that and the other things of the past decade and I thought I’d join in.  So here, between now and the New Year (circumstance and urgency of Daughter’s need to use the computer to communicate permitting), are songs from my five favourite LPs of the decade.

At number five …

Beirut: Sunday Smile from The Flying Club Cup

Sounds as though it was recorded in France in the 1920s, but no.  “Beirut” is a young North American lad called Zach, and very talented too, in my view.  This video is an extract from Ferdinand Leger’s Ballet Mechanique.

“Pull yourself together man, I thought this was meant to be a Leicestershire cricket blog” – The Plain People of Leicestershire …

Well, I’m sorry.  There isn’t any cricket on at the moment, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to put up with this sort of thing for the time being.


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