Ceremonies for Candlemas Day : more tips from Robert Herrick

Now that we’ve all removed our holly, ivy and mistletoe let’s look at the necessary ritual for Candlemas itself, as described, again, by Robert Herrick.

The custom described here is the burning of the Yule log that had been brought into the house at Christmas and the retention of part of it in the house for the rest of the year to be used the next Christmas to light the next year’s log (and ward off the attentions of The Fiend in the meantime).  Incidentally, if anyone has any chocolate Yule log left in the house, please don’t attempt to burn it.  That would would be futile and wasteful.  If it is still edible, my advice is to eat it.

Ceremonies for Candlemas Day

 Kindle the Christmas brand, and then
Till sunset let it burn;
Which quench’d then lay it up again
Till Christmas next return.

It must be kept wherewith to tend
The Christmas log next year;
And where ’tis safely kept, the fiend
Can do no mischief there.

2 thoughts on “Ceremonies for Candlemas Day : more tips from Robert Herrick

  1. This is brilliant. I didn’t know anything about Candlemas before your posts and I fully intend to keep it from now on. I’ve only gone back to church in the last couple of years, having been spiritually occupied ‘elsewhere’ for the last 20 years, but there was a lot of crossover. I always brought a Yule log in, but this year it got inadvertantly burnt at New Year. I love the idea of burning a bit more of it at such a miserable time of year. Thanks.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope your migraine has gone away – it sounded awful. Only wish I could offer some constructive advice about what to do about it.

    It is a pity Candlemas isn’t made more of these days. I’m sure we could all do with a holiday and a bit of warmth and light at the moment. On the other hand it does at least sound as though you’ve got a proper fire – I’m very envious of that. Must be a great comfort, if hard work.

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