To his Valentine, on S. Valentine’s Day, by Robert Herrick

A poem for S. Valentine’s Day, inevitably.  For the sake of continuity I thought I’d go for another from Robert Herrick.  It’s got birds in it too. 


To his Valentine, on S. Valentines day.

Oft have I heard both Youths and Virgins say,
Birds chuse their Mates, and couple too, this day:
But by their flight I never can divine,
When shall I couple with my Valentine.

I had no idea that, although Robert Herrick was himself born near Cheapside (very close to where I work, in fact), his family were from Leicestershire – his father born in Leicester and his grandfather in Stretton -so he just about qualifies as a Local Author !!!

The full story, or a version of it, is here – Herricks in Leicestershire

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