Dan Cole (no relation)

Best wishes to Dan Cole, of Market Harborough, who is about to take the field for the England rugby union team against Ireland.  I think this means that my daughter’s schools (Welland Park and Robert Smyth) have now produced more England rugby union internationals than my own – Martin Johnson being the other Old Wellandian or whatever they’re called.

My contemporary who went on to play for England was Peter “The plank” Winterbottom.   I usually managed to keep well out of his way, though I think he did once stand on my head in a house match – the highlight, really, of my inglorious rugby playing career.

Dan Cole, 22


Come to think of it, perhaps Cheryl Cole should think about marrying young Dan.  Then she wouldn’t have to change her name again and she could preserve the integrity of her brand – no need to change the name on all those records, perfumes, handbags and whatever.  Though I’m sure that isn’t the main consideration.


4 thoughts on “Dan Cole (no relation)

  1. Shouldn’t think so, no, though I regretted it too.

    PW was actually a very nice lad and not really a plank at all – just very, very quiet. Not a bad choice of hero.

    Dan Cole did well though, didn’t he? There’ll be dancing in the streets of Market Harborough tonight etc. – or would be if we’d managed to win the match.

  2. Very likely – I think I just knew he’d been at RS and assumed he’d been at WPC too. Maybe there was dancing in the streets of Kibworth then.

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