Animal weddings in Desborough

Here’s a story I think Incensed Mum might have a view on.

Yesterday, in Harborough, I was handed a leaflet advertising the following:



 Luxury Boarding Cattery and Animal Weddings

At KITZ KATZ we aim to provide the very best care for your cats offering: –

  • Catering for special diets, disabled, elderly or just a tiny kitten
  • Web cam as an optional feature
  • All chalets include full height sneeze bars
  • Individual heat pads in each pen to keep your cats warm
  • We are pleased to offer animal wedding services

Animal wedding services?  Now there are those – particularly, I’m afraid to say, in Kettering, who will say that this sort of thing has been going on in Desborough for hundreds of years.  My Grandfather, for instance, always used to refer to the place as “Dirty Desborough” – though I believe that usage derived from the tactics of their football team in the 1920s rather than anything else.

A look at their website (Kitz Katz) clarifies matters a little.  Apparently what they offering are wedding ceremonies between two animals, conducted in a pagoda.  They are happy to marry two animals of the same sex (and perhaps from different species?) though it is unclear whether they are prepared to remarry divorced animals.  Perhaps this question hasn’t arisen yet.

Does the C of E have a view on this, I wonder? Perhaps one day we will reach the point where two animals can be married in church, but for the moment I’m sure that a blessing, at least, could be arranged for the happy couple.

Incensed Mum comments:

A travesty!!!




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