Cable, Osborne and Darling : the verdict

I did manage to catch a bit of last night’s debate between the three Chancellors.  I think it was quite shrewd to time it so that it overlapped with Eastenders.  A fair percentage of viewers will have switched over – “I suppose we ought to hear what they’ve got to say” – half way through the debate and, by contrast with the appalling display of ill-temper and shouting on  BBC1, the 3Cs must have seemed like the epitome of sweet reason.

So, here’s my verdict –

George Osborne – nice chap, but about as well qualified to be Chancellor of the Exchequer as I am (i.e. not at all).

Alistair Darling – can’t improve on Michael White’s description (from the Guardian) – “looking … as if he’d lost his car keys but knew he’d find them.”

Vince Cable – reminds me of that period in the seventies when Brian Clough used to appear on the TV on expert panels and in interviews explaining exactly where the current incumbent as England football manager was going wrong and what he would do instead.  A nation would say from their sofas, settees and armchairs – “He really ought to be the Manager, you know.  Of course, they’ll never give him the chance …”

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