Ambient Liberalism : an Ending (Ascent)

I was interested to see Eno contributing to the Liberal Democrats’ election campaign by providing the background music to tonight’s party political broadcast.  At first I thought it was “Final Sunset”, from Music for Films – which I suppose might have been apt in one way – but I think it was, in fact, “An Ending (Ascent)”, from Apollo, which sounds a bit more hopeful.

Here is another (litter free) visual interpretation of the same piece of music.

One thought on “Ambient Liberalism : an Ending (Ascent)

  1. Have I already confessed that for a long time I thought that the posters in the Underground with ENO on were about Brian Eno and not the venerable Opera Company? If so, I will stop confessing at once. It wouldn’t do to look that stupid on more than one occasion.

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