Tomorrow’s world : robot insects

What will they think of next?

Headline of the day, I think, in today’s Standard

Robot insects to remove organs via patients’ mouths

Evidently Lord Darzai (former health minister) has not been wasting time since leaving politics, and has been hard at work inventing “robotic cockroaches which crawl into patients’ bodies and remove diseased organs by dragging them back through the mouth … cockroaches are being used as a model because of their ability to walk in unstable environments … The main side effects are a sore mouth and an unpleasant taste from having the diseased organ pulled through”.

Seems like they will “be ready to perform on humans within five years” – so I think that’s the must-have stocking-filler for Christmas 2015 sorted out already!

The full story is here – Robot insects by Sophie Goodchild


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s world : robot insects

  1. It brings to mind that, so ghastly it was brilliant, 70’s film ‘The Fantastic Voyage’ where those doctors were shrunk to microscopic size and sent into a body in a submarine to route out a diseased bit but they got attacked by white cells and bacteria and stuff and one of them died and they never explained whether when the shrinking potion wore off the bloke would suddenly grow again and explode the patient and then they were flipped out of a teardrop and grew back big again.

    Actually it’s not like that at all.

  2. I think I remember that one. Fantastic Voyage also, of course, a song by David Bowie, from the album Lodger, co-written with and produced by the English National Opera. No, hang on …

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