Compare the Devils : a day out in the Peak District

Would you like to see my holiday snaps?  Dread words.  However, I thought you might be interested to see a few I took yesterday on a day trip to Castleton in the Peak District.   Just talk amongst yourselves while I set up the projector …

This is the magnificent view from the top of Treak Cliff (if you look hard you can see the cement works in the middle distance)

This is that traditional feature of a day out in Derbyshire, a pipe band.  They are, I think, the Sheffield City Pipe Band, and appeared from out of nowhere to set up a fearsome drone outside the Visitor Centre.  They may have been recreating an event from the ’45 Rebellion, when the army of the Young Pretender advanced a few miles South of here before retreating North at Swarkestone, on the Trent.  But I imagine they were just having a nice day out.

This is the chancel of St Edmund’s Church –

and this is Castleton’s most famous landmark, the approach to the Peak Cavern, also known as the Devil’s Arse.  This cavern is so famous it has its own website –   I believe this has led to some confusion with the blog of the leader of the Libertarian Party and notorious ex-potty mouth, Chris Mounsey.  Did millions of pre-historic sea creatures die and the very earth tear itself asunder so that people can read the sweary ravings of Mr. Mousy?  I don’t think so.   –  Simples!

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